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Michaywé Governance

Opal Lake Park Rules & Regulations Changes


A new "Opal Lake Park Rules & Regulations" policy was adopted by the MOA Board of Directors at their regular meeting  on February 22, 2020 at which a quorum was present. 


The changes are intended to define the principal hours of use so the park can be open longer, and also to clearly define small non-powered boats as required in the deed restrictions. The bottom line is that Opal Lake Park will be open daily from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, May 22, 2020 through October 4, 2020. The Board is very excited to offer the membership better access to our beautiful park.

These rules and regulations were approved at the February 22, 2020 board meeting. 


New Opal Lake Policy - Adopted Feb 22, 2020

Michaywé Governance


The Association is a non-profit organization which was formed to manage and administer the affairs of an association of property owners in a Planned Unit Development (PUD) known as Michaywe; to promote the welfare of its members by maintaining and beautifying the several developments and subdivisions in which its members own or possess real property interests; to enforce building and use restrictions; to represent members before governmental boards or bodies; to promote social and recreational activities; and to engage in such other activities as are incidental thereto and not forbidden by the laws of the State of Michigan.

Deed Restrictions – Restricted Properties


The Master Deed Restrictions for the Michaywe Planned Unit Development (PUD) is the governing document upon all the property within Michaywe.  This document defines what the restricted properties are (i.e. lots, parks and other lands) and how they can be used (building requirements, restrictions, fines, etc.).  This document is recorded at the Otsego County Register of Deeds and is a lien and encumbrance upon the land.


Master Deed Restrictions

Restrictions Complaint Form 5-29-19



Deed Restrictions – Recreational Facilities


This document governs how the recreational facilities are to be operated and managed.

Deed Restrictions – Recreational Facilities


MOA Bylaws


MOA Bylaws 6-22-19MOA Bylaws 6-22-19



MOA Rules & Regulations


MOA Vehicle & Equipment Rules & Regulations




In the past, the Deed Restrictions regarding vehicles and equipment have been enforced to the best of our ability. The MOA Vehicle & Equipment Rules & Regulations were implemented to provide a fair and uniform enforcement of our Deed Restrictions. Homeowners who own the vehicles and equipment described in our Deed Restrictions will be able to use and enjoy them provided they comply with the commonly referred to 10-day rule of our Deed Restrictions. The county prohibits parking of these vehicles and equipment in the front yard and for this reason alone Michaywé cannot permit or authorize someone to break the law and park such units in the front yard.


The vehicle and equipment Deed Restrictions have been debated, argued and numerous attempts have been made to expand, limit or even do away with them over the years. All efforts have failed so we must all accept the Rules as written and work together to respect each other’s views. Hopefully, owners are finding the Rules to be acceptable and workable, as well as, our enforcement fair and understanding. It is important to note that many Michaywe property owners have purchased homes in our community because we have restrictions and they expect them to be enforced. The opposing view should be encouraged by our attempts to remove these from front yards . That being said, the Association has an obligation to enforce the Deed Restrictions and Rules, which we will continue to do when we become aware of any violations through our own efforts or through homeowner complaints.





The new MOA Vehicle & Equipment Rules & Regulations are designed to comply with the County Ordinance. The following facts are intended to clarify the relationship between the Ordinance, Deed Restrictions, and Rules:

  • The County Ordinance does not allow parking in the front yard.

  • The County Ordinance allows parking in the side yard, but only with a written variance from the Otsego County Zoning Administrator.

  • The County Ordinance only allows parking in the rear yard.

  • The MOA Deed Restrictions limits parking to no more than a ten-day period.

  • The Rules & Regulations limit parking to the rear yard in compliance with the Ordinance.


Therefore, in Michaywé, vehicles and equipment may only be parked in the rear yard for no more than a ten-day period.


SECOND AMENDED Vehicle & Equipment Rules & Regulations 12-29-16


MOA Building Manual 6-22-19

Member, Guest & Public Use Rules & Regulations for the Michaywé Amenities 11-18-17

Short-Term Rental Rules & Regulations 8-18-18

Opal Lake Park Rules & Regulations 9-23-17

Collections Rules & Regulations 9-23-17


MOA Policies


Accounting Practices & Financial Information Policies 8-24-13

Books & Records Policy 9-23-17

Code of Conduct for MOA Directors Policy 8-26-17

Committees Policy 9-23-17

Dues Payment Methods Policy 8-26-17

Golf Cart Policy 9-23-17

Maintenance & Reserve Policy 8-26-17

Meeting Minutes Policy 9-23-17

Member Open Forum Policy 8-26-17


Otsego County Governance


Otsego County Zoning Ordinances